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The Festival of Tabla™ is today the largest festival of Indian classical music and musicians on the west coast and is rapidly becoming a globally recognized landmark for percussive arts as well as the classical traditions of South Asia. The Festival’s focus is to provide an unbiased platform to the new and diverse generation of artists giving them a chance to present authentic tabla solos as well as solos in instrumental, vocal, and dance in front of larger receptive audiences and be able to perform on the same stage as the maestros. Such an opportunity is integral and essential to not only uplift the artists but create a healthy and vibrant sense of community within the realm of South Asian Music and Arts. The two day festival is filled with exceptional artists from around the world and the U.S. Come and experience this unique festival.

The Festival of Tabla™ (FOT) is brought to you by the Ravi & Shashi Bellare Arts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Charitable non-profit organization (EIN: 33-0550765), located in Chino Hills California.

Dr. Viral Mehta, California

"I am greatly indebted to the festival for inspiring me to resume my Tabla journey after a hiatus of almost 40 years!"
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