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Surdarshan Chana


Surdarshan Singh (Sunny) is a young, masterful Tabla & Jori player who started learning music at the tender age of 4. He started learning Jori-Pakhawaj and tabla from Punjab Grandmaster Ajit Singh Matlashi and then went on to learn from Ustad Gurmeet Singh Virdee.

After receiving a solid foundation and feel of the Punjab Gharana and its various Pakhawaj styles, Surdarshan went on to learn from the legendary Shiri Sukhvinder Singh Namdhari for 14 years. He vigorously learned and practiced the fierce Benares Gharana style of tabla, while keeping his Punjabi Baaj of Jori-Pakhawaj very much alive.

Surdarshan Singh received his degree in Classical Music and is now an enthralling soloist. He performs nationally and internationally accompanying maestros of international repute across the globe.

He is also one of the leading accompanists and soloists in the UK.

He has students all over the world and is invited to play at some of the biggest Indian classical music festivals around the globe.

He was recently invited to play at the Buckingham Palace to play a very rare percussive instrument called jori in the queens music room.

Surdarshan Chana
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