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Shubha Chandramouli


Shubha Chandramouli, a disciple of Sri. Poovalur Srinivasan, is an accomplished artist in the field of Carnatic music. One of only a handful of performing female mridangam artists in the world, Shubha has given mridangam accompaniment to several renown musicians across the globe. Shubha is a regular performer in Chennai during the December music season, and has also performed several times at the prestigious Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana.

Shubha is also a Carnatic vocalist, trained initially from her mother Sunanda Chandramouli, and continued advanced training under the late Smt. Geetha Ramanathan Bennett and Sri. Delhi P. Sunderrajan. She has given several vocal concerts around the US and India. Shubha regularly gives lecture demonstrations on South Indian music, primarily focusing on rhythm while incorporating aspects of vocal music and dance into her lectures.

An MBA graduate from Boston University, Shubha currently resides in Los Angeles working in Strategic Planning & Finance.

Shubha Chandramouli
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