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Ravi Deo


Ravindra Deo is an award-winning tabla artist and original music composer for dance, game, theater, and film. He apprenticed in Hindustani music with late Pt. Rameshji Kumar for over 25 years, is well-regarded as a tabla soloist in the Pt Bansilalji parampara, and is appreciated for his collaborative versatility and sensitive accompaniment across several genres with artists as Pt Birju Maharaj, Smt Sunanda Patnaik, Ud Rais Khan, and Dr Gopal Marathe.

Ravi's informed experiences in ethnomusicology, intercultural identities performance, and contemporary perspectives of Hindustani music led him to work as consultant master artist for Nickelodeon Television, record on several music albums, guest lecture at Universities and Symphony Orchestras, and provide musical support for one-night engagements and national tours with several musical cultures from across the globe. Ravi has worked extensively with the Post Natyam Collective, was a principal member of the esoteric space-Klezmer ensemble, "The Rabbinical School Dropouts," and his music has been discussed in many academic articles and dissertations.

The Festival of Tabla last presented Ravindra as a soloist in the 2020 Dangal series. Select projects include “Shiva” and “Dharmic Era” (SMITE), “Super Ruwaxi” “Sunoh! Tell me, Sister” “Utsav Angelino” “Human Nature” “Jyotine Tejachi Aarati” “Geet Ramayan” “Shaam-e-Ghazal” and “Vibe”.

Ravi Deo
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