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Vivek Pandya

Tabla Solo

Vivek was naturally inclined towards the tabla at a young age, due to
early exposure to music from his family. His uncle and father learnt Indian classical music and used to regularly practice at home. Slowly, Vivek’s uncle, (Viral Pandya) set his hand onto the tabla. As time went on, Vivek’s father(Kalpit Pandya) took firm interest in a musical future. At the age of 5, Vivek was accepted as a disciple of the world renowned maestro, Pandit Anindo Chatterjee. This journey has been continuing to date.

Vivek Pandya has been regarded as a tabla prodigy who can carry the legacy of the maestros to date, accompanying renowned young artists and respected musicians all around the globe, in Mumbai Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, solapur, NY, NJ, Phoenix, Texas, Delaware and more. He has currently two albums to his name, one with santoor player Vinay Desai called Chidaksha. He also featured in an album called 20 for 20, along with NY philharmonic member, Yale University and Juilliard Grad, Inbal Segev. He has been awarded to conduct an extra mural lecture series under MSU university in Baroda twice. To spread the legacy and culture of Indian Classical Music, Vivek has started to teach a few young students, who will be the future of this great art.

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