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Malhar Ambhaikar

Vocal Solo

Malhar Ambhaikar is a student of Smt. Vandana Ghate, a renowned vocalist from Agra gharana who resides in the LA area. Malhar started training with her, learning basics of Hindusthani classical vocal music and nuances of Agra gayaki. Vandanaji’s unique and authentic training has enabled Malhar to develop into the vocalist he is today. Over the years, Malhar has learned many traditional bandishes as well as Vandanaji’s and her Guru’s ( Pt. Ratnakantbuwa Ramnathkar’s) compositions. In his presentations, Malhar focuses on unfolding the raag with steady alaaps, through authentic delivery of the bandish, and use of raag-appropriate wordings (bol banaavs). Although this is the first time Malhar is performing at the Festival of Tabla, he has presented at several student recitals and given individual performances as well. Malhar works as a scientist in the biopharmaceutical industry and lives in the LA area with his wife and two daughters.

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