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Bharat Maru

Tabla Solo

Bharat Maru was born with a passion for Tabla. Growing up, he was captivated by the art of percussion and its ability to enhance musical performances. His parents, although supportive of his passion, could not afford to send him to take lessons from the many great Tabla musicians at the time. So, he took it upon himself to experiment and learn wherever he could, from friends and family. From a young age, he would volunteer to play wherever possible, including at Navaratri celebrations and temples.

As the years passed and he continued to learn, his musical journey allowed him to spend time with some of his idols, including Ustad Alla Rakhaji, Pt. Ravi Shankar, and Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. These moments were milestones in his life.
In 1987, when Bharat was 28 years old, his wife Ullasini (Joy), who also shares his passion for music, introduced him to Sangeet Maha Bharti. Through this connection, he was introduced to and had the opportunity to receive training from Pt. Nayan Ghosh. He jumped at the chance and felt immense gratitude and honor to begin his formal training from Pt. Nikhil Ghosh at their residence in Khar, where "the Father of Tabla", Ustad Thirakhwa Saheb, had stayed for 13 years.

After moving to America, Bharat would proudly use all of his vacation time from work to travel to India for four weeks at a time for a talim (lesson) under his Guru, Pt. Nayan Ghosh. This continued for many years before he started a family and pursued his Juris Doctor degree in Law, which took his time and focus away from his passion of playing Tabla.
As with all passions, it was only a matter of time before his love for Tabla found him again after more than 30 years. Beginning in 2020, Bharat once again began receiving formal training from Pt. Nayan Ghosh and his son, Ishaan. Over the last few years, he has devoted himself to learning, practicing, and performing in every opportunity provided.
Bharat is grateful to Rupesh & Mona for the honor of being invited to play in the Festival of Tabla.

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