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Arjun Prasad

Tabla Solo

Arjun showed a growing interest in percussion since he was 4 years old. It all started when he received a drum set as a gift for his 4th birthday. His passion for beats and rhythm led his grandfather to introduce him to tabla. He started learning tabla initially under the guidance of Jyoti Prakash ji. Since 2022, Arjun is continuing his learning under Pt. Rajgopal Kallurkar from Bangalore, India who was a disciple of Pt. Girish Avate and tabla nawaz Ustad Sheikh Dawood Khan.

Arjun is 7 years old and is a second grader at Deerfield Elementary. He lives in Irvine, CA with his sister Avanika , mom Nandini, and dad Sathya Pramod Prasad. He is also interested in art, cricket, soccer, cars, and electronic music and idolizes the legendary Ustad Zakir Husain. He is excited for his debut performance at the Festival of Tabla.

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